Personalize web pages for every customer segment

Start talking to different customer segments visiting your website through personalized web pages that are more relevant to them.

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Why personalize web pages?

A business needs to utilize multiple marketing channels after reaching certain scale. Repeating the same generic message on your homepage to customers of different sizes and from different industries starts to lose its effectiveness.

Personalization aims to talk to different customers segments their way so that messaging is always direct and relevant. The result is 25-50% higher conversion rates for all personalized segments.

Wouldn’t new visitors deserve a different experience than existing customers?

Wouldn't visitors from different industries have different interests and priorities?
Data-fueled customer segments feature

Create Data-Fueled Customer Segments

Easily integrate with different data sources that fuel segmentation.

Use firmographics, CRM data, and audience data to create segments based on company size, industry, funnel stage, marketing campaign, and more.

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Learn How to Personalize with Playbooks

Discover underperforming segments with the highest potential and get started with best practices on personalization.

Our Playbooks improve over time as we learn what personalizations work best for each customer segment.

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Save Time with Personalization Editor

Create new personalizations in minutes with a visual editor. Modify text, style, images, and more effortlessly.

Maintaining personalizations is easier than trying to keep up with hundreds of different landing pages.

See How Personalization Campaigns Perform

See the impact of each personalization by A/B testing against your existing website.

Let the successful campaigns run as you scale and enjoy the additional leads.

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