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Features Freemium Premium
Basic codeless personalization
Conversion tracking
Recommended segments
Outbound - Account-Based Marketing
Audience and Page Insights
A/B testing
Integrations ─ 3rd party IP data
Integrations ─ CRM data

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Commonly asked questions

What counts as a visitor?  

We count unique visitors each month to your website. Visitors can either be personalized or in the control group (non-personalized) depending on if you have created a segment for the visitor.

Do you charge overages? / What if the actual visitor amount exceeds what I'm paying for?   

Today, we disrupt personalizations for visitors that come to your site after your limit has been exceeded. We're still researching the smartest way to do this. Upon request, we might develop features that allow better control of how to handle overages so please get in touch through the customer support chat.

Does your product work with any existing website?

Yes. You just need access to the website you want to personalize so you can insert our one-liner script.

Can I talk to sales? / I need a SLA or advanced support

You can reach us through or through the Intercom customer support chat. We usually reply within an hour.

When are the "coming soon" features coming?

If you need a feature now, you can reach us through sales (at) or through the Intercom customer support chat. We constantly update our roadmap based on the most requested features so it's worthwhile dropping us a message.

We also have a group for our superusers who actively give feedback on our product. These superusers have the most influence on our product development prioritization.

We're a marketing agency. Can we offer your product as a part of our services?

We're happy to serve marketing agencies. Please contact us through or through the Intercom customer support chat to get special pricing.

I'm already using another service for reverse IP data. Do you offer integrations?

We have 3rd party integrations for the most common reverse IP data services. If you have bought our Growth plan, you can simply use your existing license/subscription so you don't have to pay for the IP data plan separately.

We also provide access to firmographic data sources through our 1st party integrations so you don't need a pre-existing license/subscription.

Why do you offer IP data separately?

IP data gives you access to firmographic data sources, but you can also create powerful personalizations with other data sources. This is why we want to offer it separately.

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