Create and discover best segments to personalize

Creating personalized content starts with knowing who you're targeting.

Highlight ease of use for startups and refer enterprises to your sales team. Make each visitor feel unique.

Don't know where to start? Let us recommended underperforming segments based on your traffic.


Target content to wide or narrow customer segments 

Want to highlight integrations your enterprise visitors desperately want based on their tech stack? Do you want them to contact sales and direct smaller companies to a self-service path?

Do you want to increase referral revenue by highlighting your referral program to existing loyal customers in your CRM? Do you want to increase upsell revenue by highlighting a feature a customer is not yet using?

It all starts with segmenting customers. 

Creating multiple segments

Or pick one from our recommendations

We analyze your traffic and create Recommended segments from underperforming segments.

Recommended segments

Target B2B companies with the right firmographics

Large and small companies are looking for very different things when buying products and services.

Companies from different industries find value in different use cases and references that speak about their peers.

Start targeting B2B companies today.

Marketing campaign

Create a seamless marketing campaign experience

Does your ad copy speak the same language as your website does?

Align your campaigns with your website long after your visitor has exited the landing page.

Start using marketing campaign data to personalize content on your site today.

Drive customers through sales pipeline stages faster

Build your personalization campaigns on your website around your sales pipeline

  1. Brand new: Highlight your sales contact to new prospects.
  2. After meeting: Remind leads of your key selling points on your site after a meeting.
  3. Comparison: Show content that compares you and competitors when a lead hits the comparison stage.
  4. Evaluation: Surface relevant testimonials and references to a lead who is about to do business with you.
  5. Referral: Promote a referral program to an existing customer.
  6. Retention: Highlight features your customer might value but is not currently using. 
CRM data

Ready to make your business personal?

Start talking to different customer segments with personalized content in minutes.