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What is top of funnel marketing

July 14, 2022 | Teemu Raitaluoto
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Top of funnel marketing is important to reach awareness among target customers. But how to create top of funnel content and generate new business from it? What are the different types of top of funnel content?

What is top of funnel marketing?

Top of funnel is the first stage of a customer journey. If you think of the customer journey as a funnel, top of the funnel has the widest reach and it's purpose is to create awareness of your company and product among customers. Creating awareness is the first goal of a good marketing plan.

Potential customers read, listen, and watch content that is not strictly meant to convert or discuss the details of your product (that is bottom of funnel content). Top of the funnel content, like this article, is educative in nature and the purpose is to educate customers about the problems they are having and what solutions might be out there.

Examples of top of funnel marketing

There are multiple different content formats that can be used for effective top of funnel marketing such as:

  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Influencer marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Promotional and educative ads
  • Whitepapers
  • Research studies
  • Events
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics

Goals of top of funnel marketing

Top of funnel marketing is closely related to demand generation and they both aim to educate the customer about their problems. Customers might not always be aware of a problem or why they need to pay attention to it. It's great to have content that can teach the customer about the problem they are having from different angles and answer how they might solve it.

The "solving the problem" part is usually where a company creates brand awareness and starts generating top of the funnel leads which are then passed on to sales to qualify. 

How to use top of funnel marketing to generate more business

1. Create content

Start by creating content, either long-form content such as blog posts or webinars, or paid ads. Evergreen content can help you bring more long-term results while paid ads can you ramp up faster in the short-term.

2: Set up a personalized landing page

Customers who are interested in solving their problem land on your landing page from your content and convert to leads. Leads need to be qualified by sales before they actually become paid customers.

Read more about top landing page builder tools and how to create high-converting personalized landing pages.

How to personalize top of funnel content

Personalization has become a crucial part of marketing. Around 65% of B2B buyers report that they are willing to switch providers if a company doesn't personalize their communication to the customer. Personalized content can help grab the customer's attention quicker and make them convert faster when they see more relevant cotent to them.

How to personalize your website

You can personalize the website using company-level data such as company industry and size to present each customer the most useful value proposition to them. For example, customers from governmental and healthcare background appreciate security and privacy features on a different level than manufacturing companies. Most companies serve multiple customer segments so it doesn't make sense to show them same content to everyone.

Example: How to personalize your website based on visitor country location

You can use the website visitor's location to personalize the website in simple ways. You can show the logos of your customers that are from the same country as your website visitor. This kind of social proof makes the customer experience much better in increases trust in your company.

How to personalize your landing page

For landing pages, you can use keywords of a paid ad campaign to align your landing page content. Often with generic landing pages, a customer gets interested in your ad but leaves the page when it doesn't talk about the same things that were included in the ad. This is a common issue especially for companies targeting multiple keywords and running experiments with ads but one landing page.

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