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12 best landing page builders for lead generation

August 7, 2023 | Teemu Raitaluoto
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If you're doing anything in marketing, it's likely you need a landing page. Landing pages are simple versions of a website meant to convert a customer from either an ad campaign or an email campaign.

Landing pages differ from the rest of the website so that they typically don't have any extra elements on the page such as navigation bars or multiple call-to-actions (CTA) that could distract a potential customer. The only objective of a landing page is to convert the customer to take a key action whether it's a signup or an ebook download. The CTA that leads to the landing page should be included in all emails of an email campaign.

Picking a good landing page builder is important so that you can build them fast and the tool you use fits your workflow nicely. It is equally important to try to maximize the conversion rate on your landing page so consider ones that offer the best A/B testing and personalization features. And no matter which landing page tool you go with, you can still use Markettailor to personalize your landing pages.

List of best landing page builders for lead generation


A powerful website builder, Elementor enables users to create stunning, comprehensive WordPress websites without writing a single line of code. Boasting a powerful landing page builder, Elementor users can leverage its powerful drag and drop editor, along with 90+ widgets and 300+ templates. Elementor also offers some of the most dynamic marketing features on the market. These include A/B testing, a powerful popup form builder, and countless integrations (including various WordPress plugins).

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Perhaps most importantly, Elementor offers built-in cloud hosting features.  If you opt for its hosting feature, you can build your website and host it all within Elementor.

Pricing: Extensive free user. Paid plans starting at $49/year or $99/year with hosting

Elementor landing page builder


Instapage is another popular landing page builder that offers simple personalization features and A/B testing. Their customers include people from Hellofresh, Verizon, and Lattice.

Instapage also offers features to track the post-click conversion rates by connecting your ad account to their tool. They also offer standard workflow tools to review, approve, and launch new pages to keep the whole marketing team on one page.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans starting at $199/month



Unbounce promises to convert any URL to a smart landing page. Their secret sauce is AI model that helps you write better copy and create better layouts for your landing pages in an instant. They also offer more classic features such as popups and sticky bars along with 100 different templates that you can start building on.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans starting at $90/month



The Hubspot CMS is a good way to connect your landing page quickly with your CRM if you're a professional marketer. One of the nice features of the Hubspot CMS is the ability to dig into the code of the site and page if you're technically oriented.

Teams at Classpass and Calm have built their sites on the Hubspot CMS. Hubspot also offers inbuilt themes, SEO recommendations, and analytics as added bonus to the landing page builder.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans starting at $23/month



Wpforms is a simple landing page builder for Wordpress offering 300 templates. You can also connect payment features such as Stripe and Paypal to Wpforms to collect payments, donations, and orders.

Wpforms also offers you the possibility to add conditional logic to your forms: showing users certain fields based on their previous input. This allows Typeform-type of behaviors directly on the landing page.

Pricing: 14-day money-back guarantee, paid plans starting at $39.50/month



SeedProd allows marketers to build custom themes for Wordpress and offers 200 different template layouts to start from. Some added features are dynamic personalization using 80+ SeedProd blocks and subscriber management. The tool doesn't seem to have A/B testing built-in at the moment.

Pricing: 14-day money-back guarantee, paid plans starting at $39.50/month



Clickfunnels is the only landing page builder tool that has a home page built like a landing page (nice catch, but it makes navigation difficult). Clickfunnels offers native integrations to payment systems to capture the full sales funnel from interest to a customer.

Clickfunnels also offers extensive training and peer review support as an extra in the premium packages, which can be beneficial for beginners in landing page and conversion funnel creation.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans starting at $97/month



Leadpages offers unlimited A/B testing and landing pages as part of its premium offering. The basic plan includes only limited A/B testing. Leadpages has free hosting and a custom domain in their basic paid plan.

Additional features include pop-ups and alert bars that can help create a better-converting landing page. Their landing page gallery has hundreds of different templates for different categories from newsletter signups to thank-you pages. 

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans starting at $37/month



Wix is an affordable alternative to other landing page builders. Their lowest tier however does contain ads. 

Wix has the most extensive template library with 800+ different designer-made templates. Where Wix wins in simplicity and ease-of-setup, it lacks in advanced features such as basic A/B testing and collecting payments.

Pricing: 14-day money-back guarantee, paid plans starting at $4.50/month



Squarespace is a landing page builder meant for e-commerce. You can manage your whole inventory, catalog, and point-of-sale directly from Squarespace. 

Squarespace also has a template gallery with different themes to support getting started. Some of their customers include famous galleries, architect firms, personal blogs, and design agencies.

Pricing: 14-day money-back guarantee, paid plans starting at $11/month



Pagewiz offers marketers a modern landing page builder with 100+ templates, nice A/B testing, and ready-made widgets such as countdown timers and Google Maps. They also allow cloud-based hosting and their own CDN to load content nearest to the person opening a web page for fast load times.

If you're a marketing agency, Pagewiz also offers features to manage multiple accounts.

Pricing: 14-day money-back guarantee, paid plans starting at $25/month




When it comes to lead generation capabilities, landing page maker is just one of the tools available on the SendPulse platform. Being a marketing automation hub, the service also offers smart pop-ups, email subscription forms or even chatbots that can generate leads by requesting emails and phone numbers from potential customers. 


It’s worth noting that beginners don’t have to wonder how to create a landing page, since SendPulse provides a rather intuitive drag and drop landing page builder. Among other things, users can integrate payment systems into their new landing page or add multichannel subscription forms so that customers can opt for their preferred mode of communication. 


Pricing: Users can build a landing page or a website for free. 

             Paid plans start at around $10 per year. 



Landing page building tools differ widely and have different pricing ranges. It's best to pick one that suits your needs and workflow the best and can grow with you to the next stage.

At Markettailor, we're using the Hubspot CMS to integrate our landing pages directly into the CRM. For personalization and A/B testing, we use our own more advanced tools than what is currently available in most landing page builders. Our personalization tool works with any of these landing page builders so you're free to make your own choices 🚀

Ps. Try these lead generation strategies for technology companies when you have your landing page set up!

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