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This page is meant to highlight the news coverage on Markettailor as well as publish our own internal press releases.

Kiuas Demo Day pitching 27.8.2020

You can watch the whole Kiuas Demo Day here on Youtube.

The Demo Day was organized at the Epicenter, Helsinki and the event had over 1000 participants watching online.

Image: Elissa Jokela
Meet the batch

Markettailor was accepted as part of the 2020 batch of Kiuas accelerator ─ the leading startup accelerator in Finland

Markettailor was selected to be a part of the accelerator among 15 other startups from over 170 applicants. This year the program is organized 100% virtually due to COVID-19.

What really impressed the Kiuas team was Markettailor's fast pace of progress ─ 4 months from initial conception of the idea to revenue (with a 2-person team). We hope to learn a ton from the vast pool of coaches and peer startups at Kiuas. What a way to spend the summer!


Kiuas Accelerator – Meet the batch of 2020

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