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What is Reverse IP Lookup

April 30, 2022 | Teemu Raitaluoto

The reverse IP lookup has many uses but what are its limitations? And how can companies make sure data is accurate for lead generation and personalization?

What is reverse IP lookup

The reverse IP lookup is a method that uses your IP address to check the DNS record of your IP address. The returning data from the check gives insights into your current geolocation and company if your company has a dedicated IP address.

Your reverse IP lookup data

Limitations of the basic DNS check

Because the reverse IP lookup, also known as reverse DNS check (rDNS) only looks at what data the Domain Name Server (DNS) contains, the information is not always as accurate due to VPN connections and domain admins not providing the data.

However, modern intent data tools that use the same IP address to company name checking method have built a database of IP addresses and which companies they belong to. This data is much more accurate even with VPN connections.

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Use cases for reverse IP lookup data

The reverse IP lookup is a great way to drive sales and marketing lead generation and lead nurturing because not all your website visitors leave their contact information before exiting.

Reverse IP lookup for website personalization

You can use reverse IP lookup to identify companies visiting your website and then personalize your website to those companies based on their industry and company size. Personalized customer experiences convert 50-200% better than generic experiences.

At Markettailor, we saw a 50% lift in people visiting our pricing page (a key event in the B2B customer journey) when they saw this simple location-based personalization on our homepage.

Location personalization50% lift in people visiting the pricing page after seeing a simple location-based website personalization

You can also create 1:1 personalizations for individual companies if they are your target accounts in your account-based marketing (ABM) campaign.

Read more about B2B website personalization here.

Reverse IP lookup for lead generation

You can also use the reverse IP lookup for lead generation if you connect the data directly to your CRM where sales can then see which companies visited your website.

The reverse IP lookup is more useful for lead generation when the company visiting your website is small because the reverse IP lookup doesn't provide you the contact details of the person who visited. For huge enterprise customers like Microsoft, your sales team is unlikely to ever find out who from that organization visited your website if they don't convert on the spot.

If you want to know exactly which companies visit your website, check Markettailor Company Reveal.

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