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What is B2B website personalization? - Beginner's guide [+examples]

Website personalization is a form of personalized marketing that means showing a version of the website to a visitor that takes into account some information about the visitor. Information such as the visitor's company size and industry can be used to show a version of the website that highlights elements that are more relevant to the visitor.


#3 Industry personalization and personas with Andy Mura - Sr Director of Marketing at Zenloop

Buyers in B2B are looking to answer very different questions depending on their pain points. Different industries and customer personas often have very different pain points that your product and content needs to solve. Content personalization allows marketers to tailor their approach and communicate in the most relevant way to each customer.


#2 Buyer behavior and content personalization with Steffen Hedebrandt - CMO and Co-founder at Dreamdata

How does buyer behavior differ for companies of different size and industry when it comes to B2B software products? I had a chat with Steffen Hedebrandt - CMO and co-founder at Dreamdata - on how to personalize content for different accounts and buyer personas.


#1 Demand generation and personalization with Aamer Hasu - Head of Marketing at Vainu

In this video podcast episode, Aamer Hasu ─ Head of Marketing at Vainu ─ talks about creating demand with bottom of funnel content and capturing that demand from the website and how to start with website personalization to create social proof. 

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