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What is B2B website personalization? - Beginner's guide [+examples]

Website personalization is a form of personalized marketing that means showing a version of the website to a visitor that takes into account some information about the visitor. Information such as the visitor's company size and industry can be used to show a version of the website that highlights elements that are more relevant to the visitor.


B2B video marketing: How it's changing B2B marketing strategies

Business-to-business (B2B) video marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach out to potential customers and partners. In a world where information travels at lightning speed, videos have become one of the most popular forms of content on the internet. And for a good reason – they're engaging, informative, and can be easily shared across social media platforms.


5 mistakes that ruin your personalization efforts

Let us tell you a little story.

A person signs up for a web app, starts onboarding, gets distracted, and returns to the onboarding in a few days, not at the same point; the user needs to start over from the beginning. Or a user who applied for a custom plan and starts onboarding, receives a lot of notifications/emails with irrelevant promotional content that doesn't help with onboarding. It's frustrating.

These stories are examples of poor personalization efforts. Unfortunately, even huge brands may make sloppy flows in personalization.


How to create an ideal customer profile in B2B

An ideal customer profile (ICP) denotes an organization that would significantly gain the most from your brand. Businesses representing your ICP will purchase and keep using your product, making them essential to business growth. Creating a customer persona helps you understand your ideal customers better to target your marketing campaigns and sales efforts effectively.


How does site architecture affect SEO?

When it comes to SEO, there are many things that can affect your ranking. One of those things is site architecture.

Your site’s architecture is how your website is organized and structured. It can affect things like your page load time and ease of navigation.


11 secrets to building high-converting B2B landing pages

B2B products and services can take time to capture fully on a landing page. Whether it’s defining a conversion goal or writing excellent copy, it’s not always easy.

Not to mention, B2B needs many decision-makers you need to appeal to with landing pages.


How to use image personalization to boost lead generation

Gone are the days when salespeople went door to door to promote their products. Marketing has taken a 360-degree flip, and it's all about impressing your customers digitally. Curate a solid plan to knock them off their feet and convert immediately.


What is organic marketing? [5 tips to get started]

In 1994, Hotmail had zero sign-ups. In two and a half years, that number rose to a whopping 30 million.


They attached a link to their website at the bottom of all emails sent with their service.

So, whenever someone sent an email to a friend, colleague, or family member, they were unknowingly engaging in word-of-mouth marketing, a.k.a. organic marketing.


12 marketing tactics you can implement to drive growth

A/B testing, blog posts, data-driven email marketing, SEO articles, innovative ads, and technical analysis of every part of a user's experience are just a few of the layers that are added to the conventional marketing paradigm. Check out if you're already utilizing these marketing tactics.


9 effective ways to use social media in Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a new way for B2B businesses to achieve the higher ROIs compared to other forms of marketing. ABM is personalizing your marketing messages for the individual target accounts.

But how do you effectively combine social media into the mix? 


7 tips on B2B content repurposing that drive conversions

There is no denying the power of content repurposing. In today's competitive landscape, B2B businesses need to be strategic in their approach to content distribution to output 10x more content.


7 key benefits of using email personalization in your ABM strategy

Nowadays, the purpose of an email isn’t just to promote your brand and what you have to offer. Instead, it provides subscribers and customers with a personalized and relevant experience that nurtures potential customers.


6 proven B2B marketing strategies that attract more sales

Today’s B2B buyer is very smart. There are about 40 zettabytes of information available on the internet. They collect information from many sources before making a purchase decision. B2B marketers have to carefully work on their marketing strategies to attract leads and convert them into sales.

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