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What is B2B website personalization? - Beginner's guide [+examples]

Website personalization is a form of personalized marketing that means showing a version of the website to a visitor that takes into account some information about the visitor. Information such as the visitor's company size and industry can be used to show a version of the website that highlights elements that are more relevant to the visitor.


How to create an ideal customer profile in B2B

An ideal customer profile (ICP) denotes an organization that would significantly gain the most from your brand. Businesses representing your ICP will purchase and keep using your product, making them essential to business growth. Creating a customer persona helps you understand your ideal customers better to target your marketing campaigns and sales efforts effectively.


7 effective account-based marketing examples you can copy today

There's no denying it: account-based marketing is here to stay. And if you want to reap the benefits of ABM, you need to know how to do it well.


Tips to make your Account-Based Marketing campaigns more successful

Anyone involved in the design of marketing strategies, especially for B2B companies, will tell you that account-based marketing (ABM) is your one-stop shop to enhance customer relationships and increase revenue. The reason that ABM is so efficient is that it places more emphasis on the quality of leads, i.e. those who are actually a suitable fit for the company’s goods or services, as opposed to the quantity of leads.


11 best tools for account-based marketing

Thanks to the advent of technology, B2B marketers can perform way better approaches to generate high ROI. The invention of account-based marketing (ABM) enables them to meet prospects and customers in a more comfortable manner.


Step-by-step guide to starting your first ABM campaign

Different marketing strategies have been created over the years, especially with advanced technology. You have content marketing, social media marketing, and account based marketing (ABM), to name a few.


How to use video in Account-Based Marketing campaigns

Is there a more efficient way to identify and engage, and of course, convert your target audience into paying accounts?

The traditional methods that B2B companies earlier pursued are time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient.

Nowadays, B2B companies are betting on account-based marketing (ABM) to achieve better quality leads, shorter sales funnels, and higher conversions.

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