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Learn how to generate sales with effective personalized inbound and outbound marketing.


What is B2B website personalization? - Beginner's guide [+examples]

Website personalization is a form of personalized marketing that means showing a version of the website to a visitor that takes into account some information about the visitor. Information such as the visitor's company size and industry can be used to show a version of the website that highlights elements that are more relevant to the visitor.


Actionable strategies to get your best customers to leave product reviews

Product reviews such as Capterra and G2 reviews have grown in popularity to become part of the regular B2B purchase journey. But getting customers to leave you raving reviews is not always as easy as customers are busy with their own lives. Read on to learn how to get your best fans to leave you a 5-star review.


What is firmographic data and segmentation

Firmographic data is a term thrown around in B2B sales and marketing to describe a set of characteristics related to a company. Read more about how to use firmographic data to segment your customers, find your ideal customer profile, and generate leads.


[Tool] UTM Link Builder

What are UTM parameters? UTM parameters (short for Urchin Tracking Module) were originally developed to track marketing campaigns across different websites. Today, UTM parameters are added to different ad campaigns to attribute traffic to the source that originated it. Try out this UTM Link Builder tool.


How to increase your website engagement [Ultimate guide]

Website engagement is one of the key metrics affecting your website conversion rates and SEO. Optimizing engagement is one of the most important tasks of a marketer. Read more to understand why you should care about your engagement and how to increase your page engagement.


10 best B2B eCommerce marketplaces for 2022

Over the past years, the global B2B online sales on the B2B platform increased 17.8% to $1.6 trillion. It shows that e-commerce is evolving more and more and business needs to focus on online platforms.


13 best tools to improve website conversion rates

Improving conversion rates on a website is a critical task for any marketer. Higher conversions lead to more sales eventually when traffic is coming from high quality channels. Here are the best tools to boost website conversion rates.


Marketing terms and definitions for beginners [Ultimate guide]

Marketing is full of jargon ─ terms specific to an industry or domain ─ so we compiled the most important terminology and synonyms here for beginners and gurus in marketing alike because new terms pop up every day.


11 best landing page builders for lead generation

If you're doing anything in marketing, it's likely you need a landing page. Landing pages are simple versions of a website meant to convert a customer from either an ad campaign or an email campaign.


10 best B2B website personalization tools to drive growth

The growing demand to capture a website visitor's attention as quickly as possible before they have the chance to bounce has sprung up multiple tools to solve challenges in website personalization.


How B2B website personalization works

B2B personalization at its core aims for the same effect that B2C personalization does ─ better customer experiences that lead to more conversions, better retention, and more revenue. This article describes how segment-based B2B personalization works and how it differs from B2C personalization. 


How to get more enterprise customers without sacrificing self-serve

SaaS companies are in a constant battle with trying to find the best call-to-actions (CTAs) for their website and deciding on one has implications on how your sales funnel looks. Most companies end up including multiple different types of CTAs to capture all the different types of buyers, but this takes away the edge of a clear CTA.


How to personalize website logos

Personalization of logos is in a key role in communicating to visitors that your company serves similar companies to yours. If a visitor doesn't recognize a logo, the impact to conversion is much lesser than if the logos are from companies from the same industry, size, and location. Let's look at a couple of examples on how to personalize logos.

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