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How to personalize your website for Product Hunt launch

December 22, 2022 | Teemu Raitaluoto

You've been preparing for months, the time is now, your Product Hunt campaign is about to go live. But, your campaign copy might not perfectly aligned with what it says on your website if it's been a while since you updated your site. No fear, read how to personalize your site to people on coming to your site via the campaign.

Why launch on Product Hunt?

The reason is simple: Internet fame. Oh and you might get a ton of customers if you reach top featured products on your launch day. There's tens of thousands of eyeballs pointing at the top listed products of the day. All you need to do is get enough engagement on your post to reach the top.

How to personalize your website to Product Hunters

When you launch your campaign on Product Hunt, here's how your launch page looks like with a button to your website.


This Visit button automatically uses a UTM tag conveniently named "ref=producthunt" that you can use inside Markettailor to personalize an experience. When we launched our product, our full URL was

And here's how our website looked on launch day for people using that link that pointed to our homepage (tip: Product Hunters love internet cats). 


Obviously you can personalize much more than that on your website to fully align the campaigns, eg. you can personalize all your signup links to include a promo code only for Product Hunters.

Here's how we made the personalization with Markettailor. First, we created a new inbound segment. Then, we selected a custom query string as the segmentation criteria for the website traffic so that not all your visitors see the same experience. Use the ref=producthunt as the criteria.

Next, we used Markettailor visual editor to greet the Product Hunters on our homepage. 

Aaaand, we were done. This personalization took less than 5 minutes to take live.

Results of personalizing your website to Product Hunters


It's still early to say whether this personalization actually boosts our conversion numbers, but it does highlight our value proposition well together with our launch campaign so we might see some results later on that we can write about.

Ps. Our campaign is live now if you'd like to give us some feedback or a vote.

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