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10 best B2B eCommerce marketplaces for 2022

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October 3, 2022 | James Smith - guest blog

Over the past years, theglobal B2B online sales on the B2B platform increased 17.8% to $1.6 trillion. It shows that e-commerce is evolving more and more and business needs to focus on online platforms.

A B2B eCommerce business is where two business entities carry out their business transaction in bulk. In B2B, transactions take place in the supply chain purchasing raw materials to use in manufacturing. But before this, a business needs a reliable platform to carry out its business transactions.

Looking for a suitable B2B marketplace revolves around many factors. For manufacturers or suppliers, it can take a long time to make a decision on which platform to choose. It requires a lot of research before choosing a B2B platform and where to buy from because product quality and platform features vary a lot. A good platform should have at least good product recommendations, clear pricing, and fast delivery. Learn about the top B2B marketplaces from the list below.

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List of best B2B eCommerce platforms



eWorldTrade is among the fastest growing and highly-recommended B2B marketplaces. It was created to make trade easier at the global level and set new milestones. On this platform, you can find a wide range of products that are verified by eWorldTrade. They are fully versed in the latest functions and features to help businesses grow.

They have a highly interactive page where you can easily connect with buyers and sellers. They make sure to cater to traders with the best services to meet their market challenges. eWorldTrade has an impeccable feature of membership packages. On this platform, you can find every latest feature with swift and innovative trade solutions.



Alibaba is a great name in the B2B world where you can easily trade. Alibaba is a Chinese-centric manufacturers platform. Alibaba was launched in the year 1999, and so far they have opened many new business avenues such as payments.

Alibaba has great features such as segmentation, automation tools, and reporting. The tools help the suppliers reach their audience and market the products. Alibaba is a one-stop sourcing platform. There are millions of products from about 40 major countries. They have a highly-immersive platform where people can shop by looking into categories. The additional feature is the learning center where sourcing managers can learn from the experts.

eCommerce businesses that use Alibaba as their marketplace need to track their shipping journey very carefully. This is because Alibaba has very complicated shipping system and courier services with different carriers and logistics providers. Without tracking software, eCommerce businesses would have to rely on manually checking the status of their shipments, which is both time-consuming and prone to error.


seebiz-imageSeeBiz is a thriving B2B wholesale marketplace and a one-of-a-kind business networking platform. You can source, post, view, and share everything related to wholesale here.
It has over 600,000 items offered by 1000+ verified wholesale vendors. This makes it easy to explore lucrative products ranging from common stock to rare items.
This is beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

You can also post, share and even interact with other businesses. This will allow you to easily keep tabs on the changing wholesale trends and adapt accordingly.
With SeeBiz, you can accelerate your business growth by becoming a part of an ever-expanding business network, creating long-lasting wholesale business relationships, and amplifying your digital presence.

Amazon Business

Amazon business

Amazon Business is a well-established name in the B2B industry. Now, they have expanded by creating a separate platform for B2B known as Amazon Business. On this platform, you sign up by simply following the registration process. Amazon offers exclusive discounts, price breaks, and seasonal offers to its clients.

Amazon appreciates small businesses joining them and starting their business venture. They allow their customers to have a strategic approach. They have built software for enterprises to meet the needs of small businesses by digitally transforming procurement processes.



ECPlaza is an impressive B2B marketplace that has its roots in South Korea. Since its establishment. There are thousands of products that are divided categorically for buyers to easily locate the products. They are expanding themselves and bringing new opportunities, cost savings, and business convenience.

ECPlaza is a global marketplace that is now meeting trade marketing needs. They work on overseas market research, consulting services, etc. ECPlaza gives full information on their importers, exporters, wholesalers, or buyers and sellers. They have a bright business vision where they are looking to automate business procedures.



Europages is a leading B2B platform that deals in every kind of goods. It operates in about 26 languages with the finest quality products. They have an interactive website and have integrated products to make the searching process easy.

Europages is not only a selling platform but there are also financial experts from around the globe. The experts help in solving financial questions which is a bonus for the platform. Europages also assist in hotels and connecting with travel agents.

Global Sources


Global Sources is an incredible B2B marketplace that offers its services worldwide. It is a platform that connects Asia with English media. Global Sources has swift features for their clients; they have integrated an RFQ feature. The RFQ feature connects with multiple suppliers and gets free quotes from them.

They have sourcing services that help find a supplier. The MATCH service connects with suppliers after looking into sourcing requirements. Global Sources have a VIP buyers feature which provides the clients with benefits and privileges. There are ample benefits to using the VIP buyer’s community members who can order samples and have requested quotes within a day.

Fashion United


Fashion United is a fashion apparel B2B market dealing with fashion buyers worldwide. There are above 40,000 fashion buyers on the platform. Fashion apparel brands can connect with Fashion United, enjoy brand visibility, and log into the fashion brands directory. They connect the fashion community at a global level.

Fashion United collects content and connects with suitable fashion experts. They are an independent platform working to connect the global fashion community. They are active in responding to their customers to maintain exceptional service. On the platform, the journalists cater to clients with the latest news and blogs about global fashion.



Made-In-China is one of the oldest B2B marketplaces working as an all-rounder company. It is among the world’s biggest B2B platforms dealing in Chinese technology products such as electronics, machinery, and equipment. They cater to every business, especially from small-sized businesses to medium-sized businesses.

Made-in-China has made it possible for its clients to easily reach what they are looking for. Other than machinery and electronics, Made-In-China deals in clothes, computer products, furniture, etc. Buyers can use the products sourcing request and enter the products they are looking for.



Fibre2Fashion is the largest B2B market for fashion, textile, and garments. The platform offers above 1800 products and has over 70,000 registered companies affiliated with them.

Fibre2Fashion has new blogs and letters on their website that is an impressive inside to fashion news and economy. People can join their preferred membership package according to their convenience.

DH Gate


DHGate is a B2B platform where buyers can buy Chinese products at a low volume. They are a wholesale brand catering globally. They have over 30 million products divided into different categories. DHGate is a one-stop solution market providing a wide range of products. DHGate has great products such as toys, apparel, auto, accessories, electronics, etc.

How to successfully operate in B2B eCommerce marketplaces

Regardless of which of the platforms you choose for your business when you start your e-commerce business, the chances are high that you will succeed. The above list consists of the eCommerce giants that most companies trust and rely on.

However, having your account on those platforms won’t do the whole magic. You need to ensure you have proper stock management in place, which allows you to have organized order delivery and return management systems.

If you’re going to present your goods in more than one B2B eCommerce platform (we highly recommend you to be present in all of them), ensure havinga multichannel inventory management software. The platform will sync all your stock, orders, returns, and payments in a single spot and allow you to have real-time updates on your inventory in all the channels you integrate into it.

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