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Announcing Segment integration for unified conversion tracking

April 16, 2022 | Teemu Raitaluoto
Segment integration

We're announcing an integration to Segment, a leading Customer Data Platform, to enable our customers to track conversion events and measure the success of personalized websites in a way that is unified across the analytics infrastructure customers already have.

What is Segment and why use it?

Segment helps all types of companies create a unified data infrastructure for sending analytics events from one service to another, think of it as a hub for event analytics. You implement Segment once and send events across thousands of different software products. You can see the full catalog of integrations here.

At Markettailor, we use Segment ourselves to send data across our application and website to Mixpanel and Intercom. Doing so as well can save you hundreds of developer hours and the headache of dealing with non-unified data.

Segment for conversion tracking at Markettailor

Since many of our customers are already using Segment, they naturally want to use their existing analytics infrastructure.  You can now start using Segment with Markettailor in just 5 minutes without touching any code to start tracking conversions.

In the Markettailor app, we constantly measure the performance of each personalized segment against your generic website, and the total impact of personalization on your website conversions.


Your team can move over to Segment even if you're already using Google Analytics and Conversion Goals to track your conversions inside the Markettailor app if you follow our Segment support documentation.

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